Hi, I'm Albin. A software developer from Sweden. Specializing in React.js and Typescript.

I'm proficient in HTML, CSS, React, JavaScript and Typescript.

I taught myself the web development fundamentals and learned the rest at work.

I have created countless side projects with 1 with 300+ users.

I have written several articles about web development and spoken at 1 sthlmjs meetup.

I have been assigned to architect large frontend projects to make sure everything is as optimised and future proof as possible. From choosing which linter to use, to what state machine is the best solution for the problem. I have been writing JavaScript, Typescript, and React code for many years at this point, and I feel comfortable I can help you or your team accomplish your goals in the best possible way.

Even though I'm mosly frontend oriented, I do not turn down the opportunity to dive deep into back end code bases to solve issues or implement new features myself. I can communicate well, write documentation, and work in teams. I'm calm, solutions-oriented, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the best user experience gets shipped. I do come from a design background, which helps greatly when building frontend applications.

I have helped companies like Dooer, Wopify, Ekstrand consulting and Loovia improve their web experiences, as well as designing and building products with scalable and modern technologies from start to finish.